Teak wood

The teak wood we use is Premium quality, dried wood from certified sustainable forests.
Teak wood is ideal for all outdoor furniture, because of its durability in hot weather conditions, hail and snow effects. Apart from that, the character of the fiber and color has its own characteristics.
Teak is classified as wood with a durable class. Has strong resistance to rot due to humid air or insect attack and easy maintenance.
Teak wood also has good resistance to weather and temperature changes. so we highly recommend that teak wood be the best wood for outdoor furniture.

Wood Suar

Kayu Suar is also known as Samanea Saman. It actually originated from Southern Mexico to Peru and Brazil, but has become popular in the South. Cultivation has been practiced throughout Southeast Asia and Hawaii.
Suar wood is one of the woods most often used to build furniture such as tables, console tables, benches and chests.
Suar wood has been used for decades by Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.
Kayu Suar is widely known as one of the most durable and affordable woods. That is the reason why many manufacturers produce low-cost as well as high-end furniture with this.


Rattan is a natural plant that is familiar in the world of furniture and handicrafts.
Rattan is a type of plant that thrives in Asia, including Indonesia. Often found in woven creations in fumiture, this material is known for the traditional impression it carries with its flexibility and beautiful color.
Rattan has become a favorite material for the manufacture of various incredibly beautiful works.
Get to know more about rattan and various types of creations that make everyone amazed.


The chair cushions we use are specifically for outdoor use, therefore we usually use the SUNPROOF and SUNBRELLA brands, depending on customer demand.
Because this brand has been recognized by the international market for its water resistance and strength, as well as a large selection of colors available.

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